About Us

FD Line is a rapidly growing, emergent company that connects consumers with top of the line, and not easily attainable, products.  FD Line exclusively represents the North American distribution for the Black Red White group (BRW), one of the largest furniture companies in Eastern Europe, operating factories in Ukraine, Poland, Romania, and Russia.

For more than 20 years, Black Red White has offered the most comprehensive range of home furnishings available on the market, including high-quality living room furniture; kitchen furniture; sofas; tables; and chairs. They are distinguished by their exceptional functionality, modern technology, and their attractive and unique design. BRW's wide range of furniture is complemented by extras such as textiles, lighting, decorations, carpets, along with accessories for bathrooms, kitchens, walk-in wardrobes, and dining rooms.

All the furniture comes with appropriate durability certificates. Similarly, the production materials and components all have sanitation certificates, demonstrating each product's compliance with European Union standards.

FD Line is still actively looking for distributors, state and region representatives for BRW products.  Warehouses and stores are welcome to apply; you will be surprised by our quality and prices.

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